Why Get Your Kid Into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu Jitsu is a vehicle for developing your whole life. The lessons a child learns from training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are invaluable. They learn how to win, they learn how to lose, they learn how to show respect to their training partners and their instructors. They will learn what it’s like to work hard and they will learn that hard work pays off. These are just a few of the lessons your child will learn.

Jiu Jitsu is an Equalizer

We teach the children the same techniques we teach the adults. The only difference is how those techniques are taught and drilled. My first and foremost concern is making sure my students know how to defend themselves. Once these kids learn how to use their technique together with strategy and timing, that’s when you’ll start to see the magic happen. The next thing you know, you’re watching your child tap out a resisting opponent who is twice her size.

Watch Your Child Develop Unshakable Confidence

When your child spends all of her training time practicing against opponents who are resisting with 100% effort, she will learn to not just survive, but thrive. The best part is that the kids have so much fun during this part of the training. To them, it’s a lot like a fun game of tag, but they’re learning so much more and having a blast doing it! As a result, our kids will thrive in an environment that involves physical pressure and mental stress, such as in a situation where someone is trying to bully them.

Focus, Attention, Weight loss, Self Defense, Friends

There are so many benefits for kids who train martial arts. They start listening more at home, doing their homework, they pay more attention, they get fit and they make friends. Jiu Jitsu will get your child into shape, improve her cardio and develop a strong core and increase balance. Jiu jitsu will help to develop a strong mind and an inner peace That your child will build on for the rest of her life.