Lessons I Learned After One Year At Gracie Tampa

Originally posted on GracieTampa.com in September of 2013 Just about a year ago, me, my wife, and son moved to Tampa, FL. In part we wanted a new climate, plus her parents are down here. But another reason (probably the biggest for me) was to be able to train full-time with Rob Kahn, the owner and head instructor for Gracie Tampa. Since being here for almost a year, I’ve been told by my training partners and coaches (including Rob) that my Jiu Jitsu has improved by leaps and bounds. But why? The reasons might surprise you because they have very […]

How your ego kills your training

Tapping out in the beginning of our jiu jitsu career is what makes us humble. Anyone who makes it to blue belt, the first adult belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has tapped out a lot. They have felt what it’s like to try their hardest and fail over and over again. So naturally, after you start to get a little gym status as a new, respectable blue belt, you might start to coordinate your rolling to avoid certain people and gravitate toward certain others. This is what will inevitably lead to giant gaps in your training. Whereas the student who […]